Can I send a Gift to a different delivery Address?

Yes.  After selecting the gift you require, please proceed to the checkout where an option to select a different delivery address can be found.

Can I select my own special message?

Yes you can.  Please be guided by the information provided on each product as to what type of message you can have and how many characters are allowed.  For most rag dolls, the option is for a name only as the area for embroidery is limited.  For many of the other soft toys, you can have a message of up to 45 characters or a special birth detail block created using the baby's Name, birth date, birth weight and time of birth.

How large will the embroidered name be on a toy?

How large the name will be depends very much on how many letters a name has and the available space for embroidering. On rag dolls the name will either be embroidered within a 100mm embroidery hoop or a 60mm hoop depending on available space.  Soft toys are embroidered on 100mm hoops and our aim is to embroider the name as large as possible within the frame.  

Consideration should be given to hyphenated names (Sophia-Rose). These names often look more impactful if they can be embroidered on 2 lines (see example below) - if you would like to include the hyphen, please add at time of ordering and I will embroider on one line


My order will be a gift for my friend, is it possible to post out without an invoice? 

Yes it is. Many of our products are sent directly to the recipient so we do not include an invoice or any pricing information in the parcels.